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Julie has been an amazing help in all of my trip preparation needs! She has helped me multiple times, and as an example, in my last journey I had a very complicated trip to three different countries over the course of about 3 weeks:  with very different weather and needs – including an adventure traveling component that I don’t usually do. Julie not only picked out everything I needed from my closet and organized it for the trip  - she researched the weather, the specific activities on my itinerary, shopped for what I needed, sent me online links for a variety of things I would need (that were lifesavers later on the trip – and I would not have thought of them!), and took pictures and sent me with a visual reminder of what I could wear daily! She also literally prepared everything for packing, and made sure every piece was taken care of.  I am extremely busy, Julie not only saved me the time, and the anxiety, of preparing and packing, but also led me to be much more prepared than I would have otherwise been. Her help was invaluable!   

S.B. Wynnnewood, Pa